Mini-Benz Big Brake Kit -Rear 304mm x 22mm Disc 4 Piston (YSCPR4b)

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  1. ADVANCED PRO PLUS is our 2-way coilover system featuring inverted mono tube dampers made for vehicles utilizing a MacPherson strut type only. The system allows you to adjust the rebound and compression damping settings separately. With an external reservoir, this system provides extra oil capacity to dissipate heat better, which allows you to operate these coilovers for a long period of time and improves performance & handling due to more stable variations in damping rates during competition use. The stainless braided line is used to connect the external reservoir through the upper mounts; this is ideal to allow for versatility when choosing a mounting location for the external reservoir.

High quality components are adopted to ensure product durability and stability. Each application is test fit and completely road tested to guarantee perfect performance and comfort.

Please note that ALL of our coilovers are hand built and made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.



Vehicle Model

02-06 COOPER R50( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-001(X)(★)), 02-06 COOPER R53( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-003(X)(★)), 04-08 CABRIOLET R52( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-002(X)(★)), 07-13 COOPER R56( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-005(X)(★)), 08-14 CLUBMAN R55( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-004(X)(★)), 09-up CONVERTIBLE R57( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-006(X)(★)), 10-up COUNTRYMAN R60( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-008(X)(★)), 12-14 CLUBVAN R55( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-009(X)(★)), 12-15 COOPER S R58( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-007(X)(★)), 12-15 COOPER S R59( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-010(X)(★)), 12-up PACEMAN R61( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-011(X)(★)), 14-up COOPER F55( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-012(X)(★)), 14-up COOPER F56( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-013(X)(★)), 15-up CONVERTIBLE F57( Part No : YS02R-MN-10J-014(X)(★))