Hyundai Big Brake Kit -Rear 356mm x 28mm Disc 4 Piston (YSCPR4a)

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Yellow Speed Racing’s Ultra Series Big Brake Kit is designed for road and track use. This big brake kit features optimum braking performance, attractive looks, easy installation and a cost-effective price.

Rear Brake Kit Notes:

  1. Part numbers with (X) can not retain O.E.M handbrake functionality.
  2. Part numbers with (V) retain the O.E.M. handbrake functionality.
  3. Part numbers with (X)(★) can retain O.E.M. handbrake functionality with use of a “Handbrake Adapter System“, which is sold separately by Yellow Speed Racing, USA.


  • Forged billet aluminum calipers with anti-rust coating. (Please be sure to annotate what color caliper you would like in the order notes during checkout)
  • Two piece, drilled, slotted, or drilled & slotted rotors with lightweight aluminum center bells. Rigid steel center bells are equipped for the rear rotors integrated with inner drums.
  • High Performance Sport Compound Brake Pads (Competition Compound Brake Pads are optional for additional charge). Please add part # BBKTC-RUG-4b to place your order with Competition Brake Pads.
  • CNC machined steel caliper mounting brackets .
  • High quality stainless steel braided Teflon brake lines .
  • Hardware tool bag.


Anodized Painted
Black, Gold, Silver, Dark Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Orange Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, White, Orange, Purple


If you do not select a color in the order notes at checkout, Painted Red will be the standard option shipped to you.

Note: Our Big Brake Kits are made to order. Please allow 10-20 days for manufacturing & shipping time.



Vehicle Model

02-08 COUPE GK( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-004(X)(★)), 02-08 TIBURON GK( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-012(X)(★)), 04-09 TUCSON JM( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-034(V)), 05-10 SONATA NF ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-030(V)), 05-11 GRANDEUR TG( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-033(X)(★)), 05-14 ENTOURAGE ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-020(V)), 06-10 ELANTRA HD( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-005(X)(★)), 06-up AZERA ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-018(X)(★)), 07-11 i30 ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-008(V)), 07-12 SANTA FE CM( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-010(V)), 07-12 VERACRUZ ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-037(V)), 08-12 ix55 ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-027(V)), 08-13 GENESIS (ROHENS) BK( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-007(V)), 08-13 GENESIS BH( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-022(V)), 08-17 H-1 TQ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-045(V)), 09-15 ix35 ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-009(V)), 09-15 ix35 ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-013(V)), 09-15 TUCSON LM( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-035(V)), 09-15 TUCSON LM( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-036(V)), 09-16 CENTENNIAL VI( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-019(V)), 09-16 EQUUS VI( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-021(V)), 10-14 i45 YF( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-026(V)), 10-15 AVANTE MD/UD( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-017(X)(★)), 10-15 ELANTRA MD/UD( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-006(X)(★)), 11-14 SONATA YF( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-031(V)), 11-16 i40 VF( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-025(V)), 11-up GRANDEUR HG( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-024(V)), 11-up VELOSTER ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-014(X)(★)), 11-up VELOSTER GAMMA( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-015(V)), 12-17 i30 GD( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-040(X)(★)), 12-up VELOSTER TURBO( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-016(X)(★)), 13-14 ELANTRA JK( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-038(X)(★)), 13-16 GENESIS COUPE ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-041(V)), 13-up GRAND SANTA FE ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-023(V)), 13-up MAXCRUZ ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-028(V)), 13-up SANTA FE DM( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-029(V)), 13-up SANTA FE SPORT DM( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-044(V)), 15-16 GENESIS DH( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-039(V)), 15-up ELANTRA AD( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-046(X)(★)), 16-up TUCSON SPORT ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-043(V)), 16-up TUCSON TL( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-042(V)), 17-up KONA ( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-047(X)(★)), 98-04 SONATA EF( Part No : YS02R-HY-04G-032(V))


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