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Kazuya Taguchi

Age: 26
Nationality: Japanese
Vehicle Make/Model: Nissan VR41 Silvia
Engine: VR41DETT
Tires: 255/35-18 123S Front / 285/35-18 123S Rear

Kazuya Taguchi was born in the snow country of Japan, Hokkaido. Kazuya started his drifting career in Formula DRIFT Japan, where he competed for three years before obtaining his Formula DRIFT USA license in 2018. He made his debut in the US in 2018 in the Jerry Yang Racing Nissan GT-R. For 2019, the team at Jerry Yang Racing built Kazuya a Nissan Silvia, which is a chassis that he is much more with comfortable and has the power that he needs to compete against the best drivers in the world. Since entering Formula DRIFT USA, Kazuya has fallen in love with tracks that have walls! He can’t wait to show the fans around the world his drifting style.

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